• Mikaela Brown's 10th and 11th grade physical science class used what they learned this semester to put on a science expo! From chemical reactions, magnetism, changes in states of matter, and more, the kids put on a great show filled with physics magic!

  • On Friday, April 26, ENCSD co-hosted a Deaf History Month Trivia Event with the NC DHHS Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Raleigh, Wilson, and Wilmington Regional Centers.  Students, parents, and community members enjoyed learning more about Deaf History by participating in trivia games and activities!

  • We have photos from Earth Day activities with two of our teachers, Ms. Fallon and Ms. Natasha.

    Ms. Fallon did an earth day activity with her students where they cleaned animals out of the "oil spill". 

    Ms. Natasha and two high school classes collaborated on an activity for Earth Day. Students experimented using different materials to clean up an "oil spill". 

  • We recognized the senior track athletes at their last track meet! Thank you for all of the support this year with all athletics. We look forward to next year and even more sporting events here at the ENCSD!

  • The NC Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing presents Deaf Awareness Month 2024 with facts about Eastern NC School for the Deaf in this YouTube Video.

  • Our school was featured in an article on The Assembly about Deaf school enrollment in North Carolina. It's a very interesting read. Click the title for the full article.

    Why the State’s Deaf Schools Declined–and Could Rise Again

    North Carolina has pushed deaf children toward mainstream schools for decades. Now lawmakers want to give parents more choice to send their children to the two state schools in Morganton and Wilson.

  • We had an eclipse yesterday and the students did not miss out. They got a good glimpse with their eclipse glasses on.

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    NC Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    Celebrating Deaf History Month

    Join us in celebration of Deaf History Month! How much do you know about Deaf history? 
    Parents, Children and Community Members are welcome!

  • On Thursday, we celebrated our students' achievments over the past 3 months. They did a great job!

  • Last week our students got to participate in an eggciting egg hunt!