• It's Career Day today. The students saw presentations from Harold Campbell and Ruben Leon and got to ask them questions.
    Thank you Harold and Ruben for sharing with our students today!

  • Spirit Week! Wear your colors this week!

  • Free Online American Sign Language Lessons

  • Brenda is our friendly Librarian and Media Specialist who has worked for the school for twenty seven years.

  • Our middle school robotics team "Top Homies" is in Talladega, Alabama for the 4th annual NRSC Vex IQ Competition today and tomorrow! Wish them luck! 
    🍀 💚💛💚💛 

  • Barbie Coble's art students are at it again!  Barbie says,

  • The Kindergarten students have been learning about the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, and Color. Check out their masterpieces!


  • Guess what!!!!!

    ENCSD's HS Robotics team 27893A FazeUp has made it to the finals! Watch them compete on the livestream starting at 2:00pm EST!

  • The High School Robotics teams are at the Alabama School for the Deaf and gearing up for inspections and practice matches!

    🤖 Wish them luck! 🍀

  • We have pictures from a research project Fallon DiBlasio's class worked on for "The Mitten" story they have been reading.