• Current Applicant Information
  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Health Information
  • Waiver of Liability / Assumption of Risk
  • Responsibility for Personal Property
  • Pick Up Information
  • Disclaimer and Signature
  • Complete
First name of the student who will be attending Operation Accelerate.
Last Name of the student that will be attending Operation Accelerate.
Street address of student.
Day or Overnight
Child will only attend during the day.
Child will attend during the day and stay to sleep overnight.
Hearing Aids or Cochlear implants?
Child uses a hearing aid or cochlear implant.
Child does NOT use hearing aid or cochlear implant.

Does your child use amplification devices (hearing aids or cochlear implants)?

Does your child hay any special toiletry needs (using the restroom; showering; Feminine hygiene)? If so explain.
Does your child have any mobility needs? (Wheelchair; walker; cane; can’t walk far distances) If yes, explain.

What language does your child use to communicate?

Disclaimer: ASL is the main mode of communication used, interpreters/transliterators will not be provided for ASL to spoken English, only spoken English to ASL