Department Head

Debra Pierce, Administration Specialist II/Transportation Coordinator
Debra Pierce


ENCSD Transportation serves students ages 5-22, grades K-12 providing the safe transportation of students to and from school.


ENCSD follows the NC Department of Public Instruction and NC Department of Motor Vehicles policies. Responsibilities and guidelines have been established to provide safe and satisfactory conditions for the students, bus monitors, bus drivers, parents/guardians, and all that drive our state highways.


ENCSD's Transportation Department aims to provide safe and efficient transportation to all students. ENCSD provides transportation for Day students within the communicating distance of the school area and for Residential students on a weekly basis covering an area of 54 counties. Residential students are transported home on Fridays and back to ENCSD on Sunday evenings.


Transportation staff work a split shift, providing transportation for students before school and at the end of the school day.


Woodard Hall


  • Debra Pierce, Administration Specialist II/ Transportation Coordinator
    Phone: 252-237-2450 Ext. 232
    Fax: 252-293-7858
    VP: 252-281-2354