Strategic Plan


  • Strengthen curriculum and instructional practices.
  • Attract and retain skilled and effective teachers, leaders, and support staff.
  • Increase awareness and engagement with parents and the community.
  • Establish organizational quality assurance measures.


Empower students to flourish and realize their greatest potential.


Provide an accessible, inclusive, and safe environment that supports and inspires every student to engage in cultivating  and fulfilling their own academic and personal ambitions to achieve excellence.


Empower to dream.  Motivate to achieve.

Belief statements

1.        Everyone has the right to develop to their maximum potential.

2.        We are committed to providing quality opportunities for students to progress individually through multiple pathways for academic, social, and emotional growth.

3.        All staff are critical to achieving the mission of the school, are dedicated to excellence in their work, and are engaged in the school community for the success of our students.