• 🎨Art is messy…but it sure is a lot of fun! In art with Barbie, students created marbled paper using shaving cream and watercolor paints. 🎨

  • Wednesday was Carnival Fun Day 🎪in the cafeteria. Sno cone🍧 and Popcorn🍿 machines were brought in to make special treats for all! Our dietary staff is the best!

  • 🎨 In Barbie Coble's art class, High School students recycled magazine pages into 3-dimensional works of art. 🎨

  • Announcing the ENCSD Homecoming! Save the Date for Saturday, December 9th. The Hornets will be playing NCSD for their homecoming game. Plus, there will be Alumni basketball games, a Ring Ceremony for the Girls'1983 Championship, and the Hall of Fame induction. Don't miss out!

  • Yesterday we celebrated Boss's Day. We are very grateful for our boss Dr. Michele Handley, School Director. The students made her a beautiful Gian card and the school leadership made a cake! Image removed.Thank you for being such a great boss Dr. Handley!

  • 16 Little Known Pumpkin Facts

    1. The word ‘pumpkin’ comes from the Greek word, pepon, which means a “large melon.”
    2. Pumpkins originated in Central America.
    3. Pumpkins are actually a fruit. Many people think it should be our national fruit.
    4. Pumpkin is also a squash; a member of Curcurbita family.
    5. The yellow-orange flowers that bloom on the pumpkin vine are edible.
    6. Pumpkin seeds taste great roasted and contain medicinal properties.
    7. Native Americans grew and ate pumpkins and their seeds long before the Pilgrims reached this continent.
  • What am I?

    Watermelons are part of the melon family and are long, oval shaped fruit that have a thick, green skin with red or yellow flesh. The entire watermelon is edible but traditionally only the sweet flesh is eaten.

  • The Boys Basketball Schedule is up. Check it out for all the game dates and times!

  • ENCSD participated in the Wilson County Special Olympics soccer event today. The students played hard, had fun, and won 1st place! Go hornets! 🐝⚽💚💛

  • The Honets played at North Carolina School for the Deaf in Morganton this weekend. Stephanie Gray was there to support our team. You can watch some video of the game and see the final score on our Facebook Page.