• September 2022: IMPORTANT UPDATES

  • Good Morning Parents and Staff That ROCK!! Today @7pm EST we will be having our August meeting. This meeting will focus on Classroom Accommodations for your D/HH child.

  • Duke HEARS: Literacy Development

    Please join us for a FREE workshop for parents and families of children with hearing loss! In-person at Museum of Life & Science or via Zoom

  • It's the first day back to school for our students! Kristen, Berry, Tristen, Je'Shia are all starting High School this year!


  • The full ENCSD staff is back to work this week. On Monday we celebrated with bowling and a delicious lunch. Everyone had a blast!

  • Come cook at The Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf!

    We now are hiring a cook. The minimum pay is $15.00 and maximum, based on  experience, is $16.73 to $16.82.

  • Last week Massey Activity Center finally had some old windows replaced. It will be fresh and ready when the students return for school.

  • To our staff who worked 2022 Operation Accelerate

  • Day 10….our last day of 2022 Operation Accelerate!! We had our final water fun day, and the most fun!! So many memories were made these past two weeks.

  • 2022 Operation Accelerare day 9!!! What. A. Fun. Day!!!