Spotlight: Brenda Ulrich
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Brenda is our friendly Librarian and Media Specialist who has worked for the school for twenty seven years. Born in Goldsboro, NC, she is an alumna of Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf and also attended Fike High School for some of her classes. Brenda has a Bachelors of Science degree in History with Teaching certification in Social Studies grades 9-12, and a Masters degree in Library Science. Both degrees are from East Carolina University.

Brenda has been married to her husband Mike for twenty five years. They have one daughter, Caitlin, who is twenty two years old. When not working Brenda enjoys relaxing at home with family, which includes four cats and two dogs, and playing board games. For physical activities Brenda likes hiking, and playing sports. Brenda reads true crime and biographies books. Reader's Digest is her favorite magazine and her favorite book is The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. She has visited twenty states and six countries including: The Netherlands, Austria, Israel, Egypt, Greece, and Canada.

Brenda is involved in the National Read Across America Day, a day to help get kids excited about, and celebrate, reading. Events will take place on March 2nd here at the school.