OA Day 9
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2022 Operation Accelerare day 9!!! What. A. Fun. Day!!!

  • Stop one - Clemmons Educational State Park. Ranger James and Ranger Brett taught us about forest management and wildlife management. We went on a short hike through the forest and saw bugs and a teeny snake!
  • Stop two - We stopped at Pullen Park on the way home for a train ride and some time to just play.

The kids are exhausted BUT they are enjoying a Wilson Tobs baseball game where they signed the National Anthem and enjoyed supper there.

It’s true…time flies when you’re having fun and we cannot believe 2022 OA is almost over!

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students playing on swings
students stretching
bleachers at a baseball game
Michaela with students at Clemmons Educational State Park
Kathleen and a student at Clemmons Educational State Park
Students sitting on bench at Clemmons Educational State Park
students walking a trail
students on swings
student waving
Rangers talking to students
Ranger teaching students
happy students
Ranger teaching students in forest
student playing with musical installation
students on playground
ranger talking to students
Students at playground
student drinking out of personalized bottle
Students at Clemmons Educational State Park
student climbing playground equipment
Melissa and student smiling
Kathleen and student
Lane and student
students walking a trail
staff and students on a ride
students climbing rope netting
a ranger teaching students
a ranger talking to a student
a student under a blanket in a van
students swinging on playground
Kim and student on a slide
student on a slide
smiling student in a bus seat
students on a seesaw
Cedrick and students at a baseball game
Ranger and students
two students posing for camera
student asleep on her bag
Student cheering
student on slide
students on playground
Ranger talking to students
students on bench listening
two students leaning on each other asleep on bus
student with phone
student on bus
Natasha with a student
student asleep on bus
two students on park bench
student on big swing
Stephanie in park
student on bust with plush toy
students at ball park
students signing national anthem at ball park
students climbing rope netting
students using playground equipment
students on swings
students playing on playground
Krystal, Regana and student in forest
Student asleep on bus
Melissa and student
Ranger talking to students