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School Audiologist

The Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf (ENCSD) is a state school serving the 54 easternmost counties that provides a specialized learning environment for deaf and hard of hearing students, kindergarten through 12th grade, following a typical school calendar. The ENCSD offers students an academic setting with standards-based instruction, low classroom ratios, career and vocational skills development, current technology, and an overall accessible environment for learning through American Sign Language. A boarding program is available for enrolled students residing outside of Wilson County. The ENCSD seeks to promote both intentional and experiential learning to provide continued advancement in student academic achievement and social/emotional well-being.

The school has an immediate opening for a School Audiologist. The primary purpose of this position located at Eastern NC School for the Deaf (ENCSD) is to provide audiological services to students of Eastern NC School for the Deaf. This position organizes an audiological management program that addresses local needs, coordinates audiological services with student services provided by other school and community personnel, assesses the effectiveness of the program, manages facilities and equipment, works with administrative staff and other school personnel to accomplish program goals and objectives, prepares financial reports, and coordinates the orientation of newly appointed speech-language personnel in regard to audiological services. The audiologist designs and implements a mass hearing screening program to meet the educational needs of students at ENCSD.

The audiologist is responsible for scheduling appointments for audiological evaluations, administering standard diagnostic tests and procedures in keeping with individual student needs, promoting effective interpersonal relations with students and parents, obtaining additional/supplementary diagnostic records, formulating conclusions and recommendations, and interpreting diagnostic information.

This position is also responsible for making recommendations regarding the need for further audiological or other support services, coordinating ontological services, assisting in obtaining placement and assessment services for other children being considered for exceptional child placement and providing liaison services designed to effect comprehensive student services.

This is a 10-month position that follows the Academic calendar at Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf located in Wilson, NC.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies

  • Knowledge of the normal and disordered hearing process, the services needed by and available for exceptional children, and the operation of schools and community services.
  • Skills in screening students for hearing loss, organizing hearing conservation programs, conducting audiological evaluations, selecting, and fitting hearing aids, counseling parents, and teachers about the educational management of hearing loss, referring students with hearing loss for medical services, collecting data and managing records.
  • Abilities to recommend acoustically appropriate environment for teaching and learning and to assist in the design of educational plans for students with impaired hearing.
  • Good interpersonal skills are needed.
  • The ability to use American Sign Language is a plus.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Master's degree or beyond in Audiology with or eligible to receive a NC Dept of Public Instruction license level of one of the following: M, S, AS, D, DS.

Salaries are based on the NC Department of Public Instruction 2021-2022/Doctorate/SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST SALARY SCHEDULE (INCLUDING MASTER'S LEVEL SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS AND MASTER'S LEVEL AUDIOLOGISTS). In addition to base salary the School pays a monthly supplement of 8%.