Student Policies


Attendance in school and participation in class are integral parts of academic achievement and the teaching-learning process. Through regular attendance, students develop patterns of behavior essential to professional and personal success in life. Regular attendance by every student is mandatory. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for ensuring that students attend and remain at school daily.

Tardy students miss important instruction and disrupt the learning process by entering the classroom late. Make sure you drop your student off between 7:50am – 7:55am so they are ready to learn at 8:00am.


We are not a uniform dress code school, however, review the Dress Code guidelines below:

  • All students are required to wear appropriate footwear for school (no slippers or flip flops).
  • Pajamas and hair bonnets are not appropriate for school.
  • Leggings or tights with long shirts can be worn. Leggings with waist length shirts are not permitted
  • Tight fitting clothes cannot be worn to school.
  • All shirts and tops must always cover the midriff. The following are examples of clothing that are unacceptable: tank tops w/ straps thinner than 2 inches, strapless, spaghetti straps, off-the-shoulder, cut-out designs, low-cut shirts, bare-back, sheer or mesh clothing that does not have an appropriate blouse or shirt underneath, etc. Boys must wear shirts with sleeves.
  • All pants and shorts must fit at the waist. No sagging or low riding will be permitted. Clothing must cover undergarments when sitting, standing, or bending.
  • Hemlines and slits on dresses, skirts, and shorts above mid-thigh are not acceptable. Length cannot be shorter than the tip of the fingers when arms are placed straight at the sides of the body.
  • Headwear is prohibited inside the building. However, head coverings as an expression of religious belief or due to medical or disability issues can be accommodated.
  • Clothing and hair accessories that are unsafe and/or dangerous are not permitted.
  • Clothing or jewelry that depicts any “gang style” writing; illegal activity; sexually related or obscene gestures and material; tobacco; drugs; alcohol; or words, pictures, or phrases that depict violence or intimidation may not be worn.
  • Body piercing that presents a safety issue or major distraction will not be allowed.
  • Clothing that is likely to create a substantial disruption to the educational process will not be allowed.
  • Clothing or styles of dress that may be construed to provoke fear, violence, or intimidation, including gang-related attire, is not acceptable.

These codes are put in place to help promote a safe and focused learning environment for all students.