Job Number
CTE Program Coordinator

The school has an immediate opening for a Career Technical Education (CTE) Program Coordinator. The primary purpose of this position is to coordinate CTE staff and teach students via sign language within the CTE scope and/or work training/vocational portion of the Occupational Course of Study.

This is NOT a School Administrator position and salary is based on the NC DPI 2021-2022 Certified Teacher Salary Schedule and 6% monthly supplement.  This position will manage the OCS portfolios, assist teachers and job coach in leading instructional activities that provide OCS students an opportunity to earn work training/employment hours required under the Occupational Course of Study guidelines. This position will also work to support the development and implementation of transition goals and related activities found in the students' IEP. Provide coordination and support of activities to the Residential Director and other delegated staff during residential time periods of the student's day. This position will require that the employee attend workshops, webinars, conferences and other opportunities in order to stay abreast of expectations of ENCSD and the Department of Public Instruction. This position will require support of departmental sharing in the implementation of vocational assessments utilizing various assessment tools. This is a 10-month position (Monday-Friday).

Based on the difficulty and shortage of Skilled, Highly Qualified teachers, we are designating a sign on bonus amount of $7500 for 115c licensed educators whose primary duties are classroom instruction. Highly Qualified is defined as having obtained a NC DPI Certified Teaching license and have the DHH (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) endorsement.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies

Candidate should possess considerable knowledge and understanding regarding functioning, behaviors, needs, problems and attitudes of children who are deaf/hard of hearing including children who are deaf or hard of hearing who may have additional disabilities; knowledge of child development and ability to develop rapport with children; and a general knowledge of state and federal laws, division and school policies. The candidate should have the ability to comprehend and implement curricular objectives, to create and implement appropriate daily lesson plans and exercise good judgment in observing and recording behaviors, academic progress, etc.; to understand and effectively carry out oral and written instructions and to quickly analyze situations and make decisions; ability to use a computer accurately; and the ability to prioritize, organize, and complete duties effectively and efficiently and to perform duties and functions independently with minimal supervision.

Expectations of the CTE Coordinator for Work based Learning

  • Help students find appropriate training stations based on their career objective.
  • Orient new training supervisors and business mentors.
  • Review and complete training agreement and training plan with each student, training supervisor, and parent.
  • Observe students at work
  • Hold conferences with students, employers, and parents.
  • Ensure that the training supervisor provides consistent, effective guidance and supervision in accordance with the student's training plan.
  • Use appropriate evaluation instruments to measure student achievement of competencies on the job.
  • Resolve any problems that arise between the student and the training supervisor.
  • Arrange for needed adjustment of any misplaced students.
  • Follow all policies and laws relating to work-based learning.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

BS Degree and current license in any CTE program area or a BS Degree and current license in Curriculum Development or Instructional Technology.

Five years of work experience within the past eight years in one of the following three areas:

  1. Classroom teacher in a CTE program area
  2. Professional support in an educational setting: Career Development Coordinator, Special Populations Coordinator, Curriculum Specialist, Instructional Technology Specialist
  3. Hold a current CTE License or eligible to obtain the CTE Instructional Management Coordinator License

Certified educators should attach a copy of their license.