Our School



Located just east of Raleigh in Wilson, North Carolina, The Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf was founded in 1964 and serves the 54 eastern most counties in North Carolina. 

Licensed teachers provide instruction in low student-to-teacher ratio, classrooms. The residential program provides opportunities for educational enhancement during the after school programming.

Students follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and participate in the North Carolina Accountability System. Teachers use proven instructional strategies such as Accelerated Reading, Thinking Maps, and Write from the Beginning. 

ENCSD High School students prepare for the real world of work through career awareness training and intensive testing to help them identify appropriate careers. Students work on and off campus to learn successful job skills with on the job training. Many students graduate ready to enter the workforce, but the college prep and tech prep tracks are available along with the Occupational Course of study. Some ENCSD students take classes in the local Wilson County Schools and at Wilson Technical Community College.